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 Hello and welcome to the South West Midlands Area of the MX-5 Owners' Club

Our monthly meetings are normally held from about 19:00 on the first Thursday of each month.  Most Members take the opportunity to dine at the venue before the business meeting at about 20:30.  Some even take to drink!

As well as monthly meetings we arrange regular drives and events.  As you will appreciate, the winter months do not lend themselves to open air driving, so January and December tend to get a miss.  There is usually a break for the main holiday month of August. Drives are normally held on the Sunday seventeen days following the monthly meeting.

Apart from the locally organised meetings and drives, Members can enjoy other events and national events.  The club's main site has more details of the national events.

Hello and welcome to the South West Midlands Area of the MX-5 Owners' Club

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We are proud to say that ours is one of the most active Areas in the Club and this is only made possible by a good team of people helping out. Our drives are coordinated by Vince Holley (although individual members volunteer to produce each drive), other events by Terry Manders, website by Chris Wood and our newsletter is compiled and edited by Val Jones and Sue Abel. For 2017 the team is headed up by our Area Coordinator Mal Jones. Of course there is much input from all who participate in our Area.

If you are new to this Area you will find everyone very friendly, so come along to our next meeting or drive and make new friends. Welcome packs are issued at the monthly meetings

Latest newsletter can be downloaded from this link :   September 2017 

Get a brief guide to the website and discussion forum here:   website forum guide

We are grateful to the following supporters of the 2018 International Event in Wales. Please make use of their services if you can. Go to the International page for a larger readable image.

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ad unique coatings     Adrian Flux


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images/19389734_1918885098369715_1807133163_n.jpg Enjoy safe driving in 2017

Please send photos of events or your car for the Pics page of this website to Chris Wood (email address in newsletter)

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