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Hello and welcome to the South West Midlands Area of the MX-5 Owners' Club

Our monthly meetings are normally held from about 19:30 on the first Thursday of each month.  Most Members take the opportunity to dine at the venue.  Some even take to drink!

As well as monthly meetings we arrange regular drives and events.  As you will appreciate, the winter months do not lend themselves to open air driving, so January and December tend to get a miss.  There is usually a break for the main holiday month of August. Drives are normally held on the Sunday seventeen days following the monthly meeting.

Apart from the locally organised meetings and drives, Members can enjoy other events and national events.  The club's main site has more details of the national events.

Dates for your diary:

Norway-2019   Netherlands-2020   Switzerland-2021   Denmark-2022  

2019      Norway             Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th June

Norwegian Summer Rally June 2019

The Miata Club of Norway is celebrating 20 years anniversary in 2019 and invites Miata/MX-5 drivers from other clubs in Europe.

Dates: June 27th - 30th (Thursday to Sunday)
Start: Kristiansand (South Norway)
Finish: Stavanger (South-West Norway)

From Kristiansand to Stavanger on beautiful winding roads, including Lysebotn (pictured). We will stay in two different hotels on the route. Return home via Kristiansand could be made by ferry or by car. Or, you can take some holiday and drive further on and enjoy even more of Norway.

There will be a limited entry of 100 cars/180 people.

We are in the process of constructing a website called "Norwegian Summer Rally 2019" This site will be in English and Norwegian.

On the web-site there will be a registration form and links to the hotels, ferries, tour trips etc. Links to the Summer Rally site will be announced as soon it is ready.

Norwegian Summer Rally 2019
Information secretary

2020      Netherlands      May 21st - 23rd

The Netherlands MIM 2020

The 2020 Mx5 International Meeting will be held in Assen, The Netherlands.

Dates: May 21st - 24th (Thursday to Sunday)
Location: Assen, The Netherlands

2021      Switzerland       May 13th - 15th

2022      Denmark           May 26th - 28th

Past International encounters

Denmark 2017

Netherlands 2015